ESL Placement Procedures and Forms

ESL teachers and Harrisburg School District staff members use the following links and resources to identify and place ELLs in the Harrisburg School District.
Home Language Survey
This document is included in the registration packet for all students. Upon completion, Central Registration follows the ESL Program Placement Procedure Flow Chart. This document is provided in several languages. 
Level 2 Screening
The Level 2 Screening process follows the Home Language Survey, if the parent indicates use of a language other than English in any of the 4 initial questions. The Level 2 Screening form recommends whether testing and additional information is required for placement in the ESL Program. The Level 2 Screening process form is filed in the cum folder.
WIDA/Wida Screener Resources
WIDA site to access Wida Screener testing materials and scoring guidelines.
HBGSD ESL Teacher Info 

HBGSD will be using the following criteria for scoring/placement of First graders/first semester who are administered the Kindergarten WAPT.

** 1st semester, 1st graders --  are required to take all four components of the Kindergarten W-APT.  PDE has not yet provided reading and writing raw scores needed to make placement decisions for first semester, first grade students.  PDE will be revisiting placement decisions this year and will provide guidance as soon as it is available.  In the interim period, it is imperative to use multiple criteria in making placement decisions using the Kindergarten W-APT.  LEAs may use, in addition to the W-APT, other assessments, including standardized tests, oral interviews and observations as additional evidence to determine if the student may be a candidate for ESL instruction.  **


First grade/First semester

 1.  Administer all four components of the Kindergarten WAPT. (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) 

2.  Score the test. (you will get a RAW score) 
3.  Listening and Speaking combined raw score – less than 14 
4.  Reading Score raw score – less than 13
5.  Writing Raw score – less than 14 
6.  Eschool screen input – Add the 3 raw scores and divide by 3. That number is the level. EXAMPLE – WAPT 12
7.  Assigning Tier Level for eschool screen – add the (3) raw scores use the total to assign the tier level – Score 0-20 A, Score 21-30 B, Score 31> C.

 8.  Eschool Screen – ELA level – EXAMPLE – WAPT 21 B.

W-APT results tier assignment -
score 1.0 - 2.4    A
score 2.5 - 4.0    B
score 4.0 - 5.0+  C
ELA page on Eschool
ESL teacher completes all required information on the ELA page of Eschool based on information from HLS and Level 2.
ESL CUM Folder Checklist
ESL teacher ensures that all appropriate paperwork is filed in ELL students' CUM folder according to the order on the checklist.
ELL Accommodations
When a student qualifies for the ESL program, he/she has the legal right to curriculum accommodations. This checklist is specific to the ELL. ESL teacher gives copy to all grade level teachers and files in the cum folder.
Parent Notification of ESL Program Placement
ESSA requires that parents/guardians be notified of ESL Program placement within 30 days of the start of school and 14 days of registration thereafter. Our placement form includes the program description. This form is provided in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Arabic, Nepali, and French.
Parental Right to Refuse Services
Parents have the right to refuse English Language Development Services. Refusal of English Language Development (ELD) programs and/or services indicates an informed, voluntary decision by the parent to not have the child placed in any separate, specialized ELD service or instructional program. A "waiver" indicates a desire by the parent to waive the child from participation in all or some of the ELD programs or services offered by the school.
ELD Parent Opt-out Form

EXIT Criteria
Under TITLE III, parents must be informed of the EXIT criteria from ESL Program placement. This form is available below.
TITLE III Notification
Under TITLE III requirements, parents have the right to refuse  supplemental services.  Supplemental services include but are not limited to: interpreter/translation services, supplemental educational materials, family literacy programs, and professional development. 
Grade Level Notification/CAN DO Descriptors
ESSA requires that grade level teachers of ELLs be notified of present level of the ELLs in their classroom and adapt the instruction based on the CAN-Do indicators. This document is given at the start of the school year to all teaching staff who serve ELLs.