Welcome from the CRO

     Welcome to the website developed to help to answer your questions about the Act 141 Recovery Plan for the Harrisburg School District. As the new Chief Resource Officer (CRO) for the Harrisburg School District, I pledge to work with all stakeholders in good faith to provide the students of the Harrisburg School District with an opportunity to achieve and succeed. Working together with community leaders and school district personnel, we will create new educational experiences for students that prepare them to succeed in college, trade school, military, or the workplace. The ultimate goal of the recovery plan is to ensure each student has an opportunity to learn and reach their full potential.

     I will use my experience as a teacher, principal, superintendent, and board member, in conjunction with the educational research and resources available through the PA Department of Education, to assist the district administration in identifying successful programs and solutions to the areas of concern identified in the Harrisburg School District Act 141 Recovery Plan. We will build a roadmap to assist the Harrisburg School District in its journey toward the development of cost effective, quality educational programs for all students.
     While the school district remains in “Moderate Financial Recovery”, many of the financial goals established in the recovery plan have been successfully achieved. We continue to focus on the academic goals that will provide quality educational experiences for student in in a safe, positive school environment.
     We all have a part to play. I will work with all stakeholders in an open, honest and transparent manner to ensure every stakeholder has input into identifying the challenges that we face and ownership in the success that we must ultimately achieve. We must move forward together. Our children deserve nothing less.