5th,6th, and 7th Career Planning Questionnaire

5th, 6th and 7th Career Plannning Questionnaire

1. First Name 

2. Last Name 

3. Career Teacher's Last Name 

4. Grade 


5. Name of Class

   Career Pathways I

   Career Pathways II

   Intro to Arts, Communications & Media Technology

   Intro to Business, Industry, Finance & Information Technology

   Intro to Health and Human Services

   Intro to STEM

HOW DO YOU FEEL when people ask you about your career plans? Do you feel confident,worried,ready for the future, or not-so-ready? THIS SURVEY asks about your current career plans--with assurance that it is fine if your career plans are continuing to evolve! REMEMBER this information will assist us in helping to facilitate your academic career plan!

6. Check all that apply. How do you feel about career planning?







I know exactly what I want   

I have lots of options  

I don't have enough information

I have too much information  

I have about the right amount of information   

I haven't really started planning yet 

7. Do you know yet what career areas you are interested in?

YES, I have one strong career goal.

YES, I can name 2 or 3 possible career areas that might interest me.

NOT YET, but I am starting to think about careers.

NO, I do not know what type of career I want.

8. Please list one or more career areas that might interest you.

Career interest #1 

Career interest #2 

Career interest #3 

Career interest #4 

9. Based upon your answer in #8, which Academy would best fit your need?

Arts, Communications and Media Technology

Business, Industry, Finance & Information Technology

Health and Human Services


10. What do you plan to do immediately following high school?

Attend a two-year college

Attend a four-year college

Attend a career training program

Enter an apprenticeship program

Enter the military

Work a part-time job while attending school or training

Work full-time

Work or volunteer for a year before attending school/training

*Other, please specify *

11. Which of the following have you done? Check as many as apply.

Talking with friends about careers   

Talking with teachers and/or counselors about careers   

Talking with parents about careers   

Career interest checklists/assessments   

Hearing guest speakers about careers at my school   

Career days or career fairs   

Field trips to companies or workplaces   

Job shadow days (spending a day or half-day with someone on their job)   

Looking at websites,videos or books about careers   

Summer job(s)   

After school job(s)   


Volunteer work   

Summer program(s) related to career interests   

Clubs or activities related to career interests   

Classroom projects related to career interests   

*None of the above   

Other, please specify 

12. What are the most helpful things that your school or class currently does to help students learn about careers? What do you think your school or program should do (or do more of) to help students learn about careers?

13. If you have had a job, internship, or volunteer position, what do you think you learned from your experience? Check as many as apply.

Career options (what type of careers I may like)   

Career-specific skills (ex.: child-care, cooking or computer skills)  

Applied academic skills (ex.: how to use writing, reading, or math in the workplace)   

Basic foundation skills (ex.: working with others or professionalism)   

Higher-level professional skills (ex.: project management, creative thinking, or leadership)  

*None of the above   

Other, please specify 

14. After completing Pathways I (Choices360.com), what career did you learn about that you may be interested in doing later in life?







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