ESL Assessment Forms

Assessments of ELLs
The ACCESS 2.0 for ELLs is PDE’s standardized, state-wide test that assesses the progress of English language learners on an annual basis. Every ELL K-12 who is receiving direct instruction in the ESL Program participates in the ACCESS 2.0 for ELLs.

The WIDA MODEL (Measure of Developing English Language) is a series of English language proficiency assessments for Kindergarten through Grade 12. MODEL can be used by educators as an identification/placement assessment for newly enrolled ELLs or as an interim progress monitoring assessment.

Unlike ACCESS for ELLs and the Wida Screener, MODEL is available for use in schools around the world. Learn more about the similarities and differences between WIDA's assessments.


MODEL test items are written from the model performance indicators of WIDA's five English Language

Proficiency (ELP) standards:
  • Social & Instructional Language
  • Language of Language Arts
  • Language of Mathematics
  • Language of Science
  • Language of Social Studies
ELLs who are in their first year of instruction participate in the Math and Science PSSA. Beginning in their second year of instruction, ELLs will participate in these statewide standardized assessments in Reading, Mathematics, Science, and Writing. They participate with the specific accommodations that are allowed for English language learners.
All Other Assessments:
ELLs participate in all other assessments given in their schools. They may participate with accommodations as their English language proficiency allows.
Progress/Report Cards
This form is completed by the ELA teacher in collaboration with the grade level teacher.  It accompanies the grade level progress report and addresses grade level curriculum objectives. The form is available in different languages below.
ESL English Report Card.docx
ESL Spanish Report Card.docx
ESL Nepali Report Card.docx
ESL Pushto Report Card.docx
ESL Urdu Report Card.docx
ESL Vietnamese Report Card.docx
ESL Arabic Report Card.doc
ESL French Report Card.docx
ESL Hausa Report Card.docx
ESL Indonesian Report Card.docx