Check out this duo becoming more and more famous...been following them for several years now, but have to share this update with students!

Dali Quartet performance

Dali String Quartet performs "Yara's Dreams" by Efrain Amaya

Carol Burnett & Jackson 5 give a music lesson... Length: 9:34

Enjoy some old school lessons for a change...Carol Burnett and the Jackson 5 teach each other a thing or two in this entertaining footage from the '70s.

A Celebration of Fiddle Music From Africa... by John Blake Length: 10:53
A Celebration of Fiddle Music from Africa to America-
In this video violinist John Blake explores American music rooted in Africa and their connections.  A must see for all who enjoy music!
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Technology Length: 4:54
Nothing musical here, just some eye opening and thought provoking data and ideas about our world, education, and our future...
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Study shows link between Music Ed and success by WGAL Length: 1:49
This news broadcast is validating for everyone who knows how important music education really is, and a must see for all who don't.
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Stand By Me Length: 5:27

A montage mosaic of many different people in different places, of different cultures, making music together in one old song that speaks to us today as much as it ever did.  A testiment to what happens when we all work together with our unique individual input.

Final Countdown Length: 5:21

What happens when a symphony featuring cello soloists plays a hard rock song from the '80s?  Watch and see!  Fun twist on the old symphony.

Miri Ben-Ari VS. the devil Length: 1:02

Leave it to marketing to put a new twist on an old standard!  This may be a commercial, but it's a very cool demonstration of taking something old and making it new again.  A fresh take for the new generation...Charlie Daniels' "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" is re-vamped into a fued and fusion between hip-hop and hard rock.  A little bit country, a little bit rock 'n roll a little bit city, this is an illustration of the American melting pot at work.

Hip-hop violin Length: 6:18

See what you can do when you get some mad skills and put them to use making your own kind of music.

An impressive 3 year old violinist Length: 2:20

This little girl will impress the viewer with her expertise at such a young age as she performs the Twinkle...Little Star theme and variations from Suzuki book 1.

An impressive 6 year old Length: 4:00

This 6 year old violinist is impressive as he plays Vivaldi's violin concerto in a minor from Suzuki book 4.  My students who have studied this piece have been age 14 and up.  It is standard repertoire at about 2-4 years or so of study.

3 year old makes world stage debut Length: 9:58

Now this 3 year old is nothing short of astonishing!  We may have another Mozart on the scene...the piece he is playing is used for Jr. High auditions for Dauphin County orchestra.  (Kuchler concerto in G major.)  Listen to his story told by the famous violinist and orchestra maestro Andre Rieu (actually, read the subtitles-it's not in English.)  You never know what can come of taking a child to a concert!

Akim revisits the world stage in NYC at age 5 Length: 7:27

A "sequel" if you will, this is another appearance by Akim Camara with Andre may want to watch the previous video first...3 year old world stage debut.