2016-17 Scholarship Due Date Varies

University of Pittsburgh Stamps Scholarship and Nordenberg Scholars Program-Must Apply to University of Pittsburgh
The award provides up to &17,400 in funds to be used over four years.  Recipient may also be eligible for a full-tuition scholarship 
Who:  High School graduating seniors who plan to attend the University of Pittsburgh
Academics:  Student must apply and be accepted to the University of Pittsburgh
Essay:  Write 500 word essay.  What is your greatest leadership accomplishment?
Recommendation:  Obtain one page letter of recommendation.
Community Service:  Submit a resume highlighting your leadership, community service, and international experiences.

Click on  https://oafa.pitt.edu/pa_scholars/index.php?%20&scid=1701605&utm_source=ad&utm_medium=email&utm_content=1000 to start the application process.
To be considered for this scholarship, you must also apply to go to University of Pittsburgh

Grove Family Fund

Amount: Varies

Who: High School students in grades 11 -12 who are eligible to take college courses at HACC while still in high school

See your counselor for more information. or go to http://www.tfec.org/tfec-scholarships/scholarship-search/

William S. and Arthur Stambaugh Scholarship Fund
Amount:  not specified
Who: High School senior graduating from a High School in Dauphin County.
Major:  Any
Academic Requirement:  Must be an academically sound student.
Other:  Must demonstrate financial need.
Visit www.csascholars.org. for scholarship information and online applications.  This Website lists several scholarships which you may apply.
Tuition Funding Sources via Wells Fargo
Register at TuitionFundingSources.com for scholarships.
UNCF Scholarships --Deadline varies
The UNCF Program Services Department administers various scholarship programs. Each program has its own eligibility criteria, open/close dates and required documents. In order to apply for a UNCF Program Services Scholarship, you must apply through the online application process.  Go to www.UNCF.org for the eligibility requirements and link to the online application
If you are a student attending a UNCF member college or university, it is highly recommended that you also complete the UNCF GENERAL SCHOLARSHIP application. This application process nominates a UNCF student searching for scholarship assistance. Once a student completes the application, the information will be used to match you to many of the specific programs administered by UNCF. The General application, however, does not apply to scholarship programs that require a separate application.

StudentsScholarships.org list numerous scholarships that High School students from the Harrisburg area are eligilble for.  Go to www.studentscholarships.org/scholarship.php for a complete list of available scholarships. 
Visit www.scholarships.com for all types of scholarships

Fast Web Scholarships
Visit www.fastweb.com for all kinds of scholarships
Scholarships for Students
Please go to http://blackstudents.blacknews.com/  to find numerous scholarships. 

Clarence Schock Foundation - Due Date Varies (Must Contact the University)
Amount:  varies
Who:  High school seniors planning to attend one of the following  universities:  Cheyney, Kutztown, Millersville, Shippensburg, or West Chester.
Major: Any area of study
Academic Requirements:  Must provide academic records as outline in application guidelines.
Activities:  Must provide information on special talents and contribution to the community
Other:  Must demonstrate financial need.  Must contact one of the schools above for an scholarship application.