2017-2018 Scholarships Due in March

PA Restaurant Association Educational Foundation Scholarship-Deadline March 1
Amount:  $500 - $1,500
Who:  Graduating high school seniors furthering their education in the hospitality industry.  Student must be a PA resident.
Major Area of Study:  Accepted in a Culinary Arts or Hospitality Program.
Academic Requirements:  Submit an official high school transcript.
Letters of Recommendation:  Submit three letters of recommendation (one instructor, one employer, one personal).
Essay:  Submit a 200 word typewritten essay about who you are, your work experience, and why you wish to pursue a career in the hospitality industry.
Other:  Submit letter of acceptance from school, hospitality work experience preferred, and applicant may be ask to participate in a personal interview.
Application materials are available on the PRA website at  http://www.prla.org/prla/EducationTraining/Scholarships/PRLA/EducationTraining/Scholarships.aspx?hkey=6a93f1b8-79c6-4859-800d-0caf9b5cc000 

PA House of Representatives Scholarship - Due March 1
Amount: varies
Who: 2 winners- graduating senior and legal resident of PA attending any 4 year college in PA
Other: demonstrate leadership and community service
GPA: Min 3.0 GPA
Must apply online at http://www.tfec.org/scholarships/pennsylvania-house-of-representatives-scholarship/

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Harrisburg Alumnae Chapter Scholarship--Deadline March 22, 2017
: varies
Who:  High School graduating senior in the Harrisburg area
Major: any
Academic requirements:  Must submit an official transcript
Essay:  write 100-150 word essay summarizing your educational plans, future goals, and areas of need.
Recommendation:  Submit two letters of recommendation--1) from a school counselor or professional person and 2) from a teacher.
Other:  Submit a photo    
click the attachment for scholarship application and for detailed information.

Lou Drane Fund Music Scholarship-Deadline March 30
Amount: varies
Who: Students from Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, Perry and other PA counties who desire to study classical music composition, teaching, and performance.
Apply online at http://www.tfec.org/scholarships/lou-drane-fund-music-scholarship/

Joseph L. and Vivian E. Steel Music Scholarship
: varies
Who: Students from Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, Perry and other PA counties who desire to study classical music composition, teaching, and performance.​
Apply online at http://www.tfec.org/scholarships/joseph-l-and-vivian-e-steele-music-scholarship/

Joseph L. and Vivian E. Steele Architecture Scholarship-Deadline March 15
Amount: Varies
Who: Students who are present or former residents of one of the following Pennsylvania counties: Dauphin, Cumberland, York, Perry, Franklin, Lebanon, Adams, Fulton, Juniata, Lancaster, Montour, Snyder, Bedford, Blair, Centre, Clinton, Huntingdon, Mifflin, Union, or Northumberland, and studying in the final three years of a Bachelor of Architecture program OR in a graduate program leading to a Master of Architecture degree.
Apply online at http://www.tfec.org/scholarships/joseph-l-and-vivian-e-steele-architecture-scholarship/

Omnia Bona Club, Jean Curtis Scholarship - pending
Amount: not specified
Who: African-American Graduating High School Seniors, full-time college or technical/business school students residing in Dauphin County 
Major: Any
Academic Requirements:  Must have at least a "C" GPA.  Submit official high school transcripts with GPA and class rank.  Provide most recent report card.
Letters of Recommendation: Provide three letters--one must be from your high school guidance counselor or college advisor.
Essay: Submit a typed 250 word  essay, discussing your educational plans, career goals and aspirations.
Click link below for copy of scholarship application.

William S. and Arthur Stambaugh Scholarship Fund--Deadline March 1, 2018 
Amount:  not specified
Who: High School senior graduating from a High School in Dauphin County.
Major:  Any
Academic Requirement:  Must be an academically sound student.
Other:  Must demonstrate financial need.
Visit www.csascholars.org. for scholarship information and online applications.  This Website lists several scholarships which you may apply.
Click the link below for Information about the Stambaugh Scholarship.
The Patriot News Best and Brightest Award - pending
Amount:  Not specified
Who:  Graduating High School Senior
Major:  Any
Academic Requirements:  3.0 GPA.  Submit official high school transcript.  Provide SAT/ACT scores.
Extracurricular/Community Activities:  Provide list of community/school activities.
Work Experience:  Provide list of jobs held.
Letters of Recommendation:  Attach two sealed letters of recommendation -- one from a teacher, counselor or principal, the other from someone outside school (not a relative).
Essays:  Submit three essays:  1) Name one teacher at your school who has had the most influence on you and tell why; 2) In 300 words or fewer explain how you have made a difference in your school and/or community and how those experiences will help you contribute to a better society in the future 3) What are your plans beyond high school and indicate the schools you will be attending.
Click the attachment below for the scholarship application.

Oliver LaGrone Scholarship - Deadline March 15
Amount:  $6,000 (Student will receive $1,500 per year for four years)
Who:  A current high school senior or recent graduate (within the past five years) of the Harrisburg School District
Major :  Any
Academic Requirements:  Submit official high school or college transcript showing at least two semesters of your grades.
Essay:  Provide information about yourself via a written essay, audio or videotape, painting, sculpture or other media.  You choose the format.
Other:  Provide a copy of your completed FAFSA and/or Student Aid Report (SAR).
Obtain the most recent copy of application from your counselor or go to 


HomeBuilders Association Scholarship Fund-Deadline March 15
The Home Builders Association of Metropolitan Harrisburg established its Scholarship Program in 1987. Each year this Association awards 10 to 12 - $1,000 scholarships to local area youth based on academic factors, applicant performance and career goals, with preference given to students furthering their education in the Building Industry or its related fields. The Association is an enthusiastic supporter of students preparing for the future work force in the Building Industry.
Apply online at http://www.tfec.org/scholarships/homebuilders-association-scholarship-fund/


Mid Penn Bank Anna Woodside Scholarship - pending
Amount: $1,000
Who:  High School Seniors who reside within Cumberland, Dauphin, Northumberland or Schuylkill Counties.  Applicant must enroll full-time at an accredited college, university or vocational-technical school in the United States.
Major:  Any
Academic Requirements:  Submit official high school transcript
Essay:  Write an essay that details the career you would like to pursue, what motivates you to attain your dream career and how you plan to make it happen.
Extracurricular Activities:  preferable
Community Involvement:  Provide a list of community service volunteer activities.
Click on the attachment below for the application or go to www.midpennbank.com
Harrisburg Cedarettes No. 43 Scholarship--pending
Amount:  $500
Who:  High School graduating Seniors who plan to attend HACC to pursue a career in the Healthcare
Major:  Must pursue a career in the healthcare field--Nursing, EMT, Dental, Medical Assistant, Lab Technician, etc.
Academic Requirements:  none listed
Recommendations:  Provide three letters of recommendation
Extracurricular Activities:  Please list school-related, community, and employment activities
Click on the attachment
Cedarette Scholarship 2017.pdf

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Andrew M. Bradley Scholarship - Pending
Amount:  $500 - $1000
Who:  Graduating African-American male high school senior from the Harrisburg area 
Major:  Any
Academic Requirements:  Must provide official high school transcript
Extracurricular/Community Activities:  Provide a list of school and community activities
Letters of Recommendation:  Must submit two reference letters--one from your guidance counselor and one from a teacher/principal
Essay:  Submit a 200 word essay on why is it important to attain a quality education in today's society.
Other:  Must attach college acceptance letter.
click below for scholarship application
Mail application to:
Freddie Player
3721 Canterbury Road
Harrisburg, PA  17109
Click the attachment for scholarship applicatio

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity--ZTheta, James L. Portlock Scholarship--Pending
Amount: $1,000 renewable
Who: Graduating high school students planning to attend a Historically Black College or University
Major: any
Academic Requirements.  Must have a 3.0 GPA.  Must submit official transcript.
Extracurricular Activities:  Include a list of school, community, and job-related activities
Recommendations:  Include two character reference letters
Other:  Make a video, no more than 5 minutes describing how this scholarship will benefit you and your family.
Click on the attachment for the scholarship application
James L. Portlock Application 2017.doc

Rotary Club of Harrisburg Scholarship -- Pending
Amount: 2,000
Who:  Harrisburg High School graduating Senior
Major:  any
Academic Requirements:  Minimum 2.5 GPA.  Must submit high school transcript and SAT scores.
Essays:  Explain your financial need
School/Community Activities:  List school and volunteer activities
Work Experience:  List work Experience
Letters of Recommendation:  Provide three letters of recommendations.  One must be from your counselor.

Hershey Art Asscoiation Art Scholarship - pending
Amount:  $750
Who:  Graduating high school senior residing in Dauphin or Lebanon County.
Major:  Planning to study art at a college, an university or art training school.
For scholarship details and application, go to www.hersheyareaartassociation.com

 DCPASR Scholarship -- Pending
Amount:  $1,000
Who:  Graduating Senior of a Dauphin County Public High School
Major:  Must Enroll in a teaching preparation curriculum
Academic Requirements:  Must submit an official high school transcript.  Provide SAT/ACT scores.
Extracurricular/Community Activities:  preferable
Letters of Recommendation:  Must submit three reference letters from :  1) a teacher, 2) a counselor, and 3) a family friend.
Essay:  See scholarship application for essay requirements
Click attachment for more information and copy of scholarship application.

ABWA Stephon Bufton Memorial Educational Fund--pending

Amont:  varies

Who:  Graduating Female Students attending an accredited U.S. colleges, universities and community/vocational schools.

Major: Any

Go to www.sbmef.org  to apply for scholarship

Kim Pemberton Harbison Scholarship - pending
Amount: $500
Who:  Current high school seniors attending Harrisburg High School.
Major:  Any
Academic Requirements:  2.5 Grade Point Average
Essay:  Why should you receive this award?
Extracurricular Activities:  Preferable
Community Service/Volunteer Experience:  Preferable
Other:  Must attend a scholarship interview.  Must provide college acceptance letter. 
Click attachment below for scholarship application
PinnacleHealth Ernest R. McDowell Health Career Scholarship - Pending
Amount:  $500 - $1,000
Who:  Permanent resident of the Greater Harrisburg Area attending college.
Major:  Must pursue a career in the health care field
Academic Requirements:  Must provide a transcript of grades.
Essay:  Include a Short Essay on "Why I chose a Health Career."
Extracurricular Activities:  none necessary
References:  Must provide three letters of reference.  At least one must be from your current school.

Susquehanna Valley Assoc of Neonatal Nurses (SVANN) Scholarship - Pending
Amount:  multiple $500.00 scholarships
Who:  High school graduating senior attending a four-year college
Major:  pursuing a career in nursing at the  RN level in either an ADN or BSN program
Academic Requirement: 2.75 GPA.  Must submit high school transcript
Essay:  Submit a 500 word essay on “How can I impact the future of nursing.
Other:  Student must provide copy of acceptance letter
Click the attachment below for scholarship application
SVANN Scholarship Application 2017.docx
SVANN Application Letter 2017.docx

Penn HOSA Foundation Scholarship - Pending
Amount: varies
Who:  Must be a paid member of HOSA with a financial need.